About US:
Our Philosophy
The word “Knovate” is a fusion of our idea of two key words 'Knowledge' & 'Innovate' that form the core of our firm’s foundation. We, at Knovate believe in "Partnering" as a key element of our relationship with customers that underlines confidentiality of their businesses and trust they seek in delivery of our services. Thus “Knovate Partners LLP” is representative of our ideas and belief.
At Knovate
  • We wish to leverage our professional experience to assist Start Ups & Mid-sized businesses.
  • We wish to stay abreast of technology innovation and how it impacts our Customers.
  • We search for new ways, in outsourcing, to assist our customers in attaining critical mass.
  • We provide a culture of success and opportunity to our professional team.
Mission Statement
To excel as a V-CFO and provide anytime, anywhere, innovative solutions in the area of finance, accounting, tax and secretarial services to start-ups and mid-sized businesses. To develop and nurture professionals dedicated to V-CFO environment.
Core Values
Confidentiality & Trust
Commitment & Deliverance
Conscience & Ethics
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